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Rules of FPSB, aka how to spend a good time here.
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Rules of FPSB

Message par FPSB » sam. 15 nov. 2008 22:43

These are the official FPSB rules. Violating any one of them can lead to a warning or a ban. Please respect these rules at all times.


1. Do not spam

Spamming is any message that bears no relevance to the forum or thread's subject. Always make sure your post makes sense and CONTRIBUTES TO THE THREAD. Examples of spam include: advertising irrelevant sites, short messages with no useful information (usually to increase one's post count), posting the same message in multiple forums, etc.

1.a Do not spam to indicate that someone has broken a rule (IB4L)

You cannot purposely create a post to indicate that someone has broken a rule. Someone's infraction does not warrant your own spam. Leave this to the moderators. If you have to indicate that an infraction, use the REPORT feature instead.

2. Do not flame/insult others

Do not insult or flame others. This includes the use of explicit words directed at others, putting people down, yelling at others for not following the rules, etc. If you have a problem with another member of the board, try to solve it in a friendly manner, or bring the issue to a moderator's attention.

3. Do not double-post

Double-posting refers to posting two or more times in a row. Users sometimes abuse this to increase their post count or bump their post to the top of a forum's thread list. This is not allowed because it disrupts normal usage of the board. If you want to add anything to to your previous post, just edit it.

4. Search before you post

ALWAYS SEARCH BEFORE YOUR POST. If your question is a very basic one, chances are it has already been asked and answered. Always check the stickies, then use the Search feature before starting your own thread. We don't want recycled content cluttering the forums, as it makes it difficult for users to find useful information. Search the wiki as well.

5. Do not revive old threads unnecessarily

Do not revive old threads unless you have to! If a thread hasn't received replies in a long time (say 1 month and more), don't post in it for no reason. You can still post in it if you have something new or important to add (eg: posting on an old Pens Listing thread if you discovered a new pen that is not listed there), but please do not post comments that are not necessary (eg: 'I agree', or ' smile.gif ')

6. Post in the right forums

Always make sure you are in the right forum when starting a new thread. Read the descriptions and decide accordingly. All off-topic materials should go to the Non-PS related section.

7. Respect avatar/signature size

Respect avatar/signature size. Avatars are automatically resized. Signatures are automatically limited to 3 images maximum and 7 lines. Each image is limited to 150kb in size and 500x150 in dimension. THESE LIMITS MAY CHANGE ANY TIME.

8. Do not post explicit/inappropriate content

Do not post inappropriate content. This include sexual or violent images/videos. Please remember that this board is for a general audience, so please act accordingly. Direct link to illegal material (warez, crack, full torrents) is NOT acceptable.

9. Do not act like a moderator ; contact and report any rule violations to a moderator instead

Do not act like a moderator and pretend to be one. If you see a bad post or whatnot, use the "report" feature of the board or contact a moderator properly.

10. Only use one and one only account

Do not use multiple accounts. This is especially true of people who are trying to circumvent a ban. Anyone caught with multiple alias will just be banned again.

11a. Avoid displaying large image, big text size and colored text

Colored text is allow only for action of moderator and administrator when an user do a mistake

11b. Avoid quoting large posts and images

Refrain from quoting large chunk of text or big pictures to save space.

-What to do if you see someone breaking the rules?

If you see someone breaking the rules, simply the report feature of our board to notify us. Be familiar with our board rules before reporting someone, as false or repeatedly reporting a user may result in a warning.

-Any violation of the rules after a warning will result in a permanent warning level increase. After 3 or more increases, the user may get a temporary 1 week ban. After 5 increases, the member is subject to a lifetime ban.

-Rules are subject to change and all final decisions will be decided upon by discussion between the mods and admins.

-Rules may be applied in a different context without warning. Moderators reserve the right to circumvent all those rules if need be.

-Somes sections have instruction for you, follow them ;)

If you need help, contact an administrator/moderator.

Here are the colors of the different administrators/moderators:

Picool - Skyblue (Cyan ^^) Power - Administrator
Lindor - Bold Pink "Fuchsia" Power - Administrator
Banz - Bold Orange Power - Administrator
SanDa!me - Bold Crimson Power - Administrator
TONYMONTANAED - Green Power - Administrator

Taeko - Kaki Power - Moderator
Fel2fram - Saumon Power - Moderator

Roopen - Dark Red Power - Moderator for the pens section
Hawk - Moderator for trick session
Saurkk - Limegreen Power - Moderator for pen section

Gollumsk8 - Violet Power - Ex-Administrator
Radek - Ex-Administrator
Tikle - Blue Power - Ex-Administrator
Scelus - Yellow Power - Ex-Administrator
Fratleym FS - Ex-administrator
Lanfear - Gray Power - Ex-moderator
KIRGO - OrangeRed Power - Ex-moderator
LifeIsCom.ssa- Dark Violet Power - Ex-Moderator
NEPTUNE *MoD* - Turquoise Power - Ex-Moderator for the pens section
Near - Light Violet Power - Ex-Moderator for the pens section

Rules took from UPSB.


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